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Wasn’t blocked tube after all!!

So to update. My ultrasound back in Oct showed 8cm endometrioma and what looked like a hydrosalpinx. I was more concerned about the tube because we would like to ttc. Had my couple days ago & when my lovely gyny came round to see me she showed me all the photos & explained the endometrioma was huge at around 13cm. And turned out the tubes were perfectly clear & that what they had thought was a hydrosalpinx was in fact a 5cm cyst. I’m so happy about this as my right ovary was open because of the endometrioma being so huge so I needed to have some good news on the tube situation. Gyny stitched up my ovary & removed the endo patches. She said half of my Bowel was attached to my uterus but has left that as wasn’t causing me any problems. I’ll speak to her more during our consultation but I’m just so happy my tube wasn’t blocked. We will discuss ivf given my age and stage of endo & then hopefully can get things moving ASAP. I’m in a lot of pain & discomfort following the op but so glad to be home & my amazing husband is taking care of me & our doggies while I rest up. Goes to show these scans aren’t that reliable. Will keep updating on my endo and ttc journey for those interested. Thank you to all who have given me advice & support this far. 💕

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Good luck. Would love to hear some good news from you soon x


Thank you so much Cath! Can’t wait to get going but still laid up recovering, must have been some major work as it’s unbelievably painful! I have zero patience, just want to get my babies here already!!!


Same here. I was showing signs of hydrosalpinx, but once my endometriomas were removed and the tube straightened out the dye ran through clearly. My surgeon said the cysts were causing mayhem and compared it to someone standing on a garden hose!

On to IVF in the next couple of months.

Best of luck to you. X


Oh amazing!! We will be starting the journey together then! I shall follow you so keep me informed won’t you. My AMH was tested and was pretty bad, my gyny says this will be down to the huge endometrioma pressing on ovaries but I’m not convinced. She wants to test again in a couple of weeks so I guess we will see. X


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