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5 days post lap...lots of questions! (bleeding, pain and incision!)

Hi everyone,

I am 5 days post lap where "unfortunately" they did not find anything and therefore I am back to square one in terms of getting a diagnosis...

Anyway I have a few questions for anyone who has had a lap before :)

First of all, I've been bleeding for the first 3 days after my lap but now I seem to only spot old blood (I am on the Mirena coil)...is it normal at all?

Secondly, is it normal to experience extreme cramping in the lower abdomen afterwards or is it just my usual pain which is still here coming back (which is exactly the same pain I am experiencing right now)?

Finally, I took my dressing off yesterday, and it looks like it has been bleeding a bit today on my only incision on my belly button - there is some dry blood on the incision that was not there this morning...

Many thanks in advance for any answer :)


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Hi. I had a lap on 28th nov , it made my period stop as it had just started the day before , but my cut near my belly button was the worse too heal but all ok now

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