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Hi everyone I'm writing this at 6 in,the morning because my endo pain and period all over my bed has woke me, I take mefenamic acid usually but when I wake up and its been over 4 hours since last dose I take cocodomal, it works but of course doesnt get rid of all the pain, sleeping is an issue once I have woke up because of pain I cannot go back to sleep. Are there any sleeping tips, medication ideas, exercises for me to do, thanks everyone!

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No... Or i haven't found one yet. I used to love my sleep and i miss it so much.

I will take my cocodamol about 30 minutes before bed and then I have a hot bath and take a hot water to bed with me. Normally do get to sleep but as you said its the pain that wakes you up in the night. I will take some more cocodamol or naproxen and but my headphones in and put a film on netflix on my phone or listen to some music. I have to watch a film that I have seen before so I dont get to interested in it and stay awake, if that makes sense. Doesnt always work... Hope you feel better.


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Thank you for your reply it means a lot! Xx


Sorry to hear you’re suffering. I’m regularly an early morning trawler of people suffering like me, I find a little comfort in the fact I’m not the only person in the world awake and in agony at an ungodly hour!

I’ve recently tried several new things (I don’t know where your pain is more localised..) mine tends to be an even mix of pelvic and bowel so co-codamol is my medication of choice. I’ll often if I’m working take Imodium comforts, which help with the bloating and cramps and this month tried a TENS machine for the first time and found it positively amazing! It was fairly cheap to pick up and I’d say halved the amount of meds I’d usually take. Hope that helps! X


Thank you for the help! Yes I was thinking of getting one to help with the cramps and pains, so I'm thinking I will now, thanks again!!! Hope youre well! Xx


Lloyd’s pharmacy if you have one locally do them and it’s fab! X


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