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When will this get easier???

Hi all.

So had my post laparoscopy consultation and my gynaecologist has recommended medically enduced menopause to see if this reduced my crippling pain which seems to be getting worse as every month goes by. I was prescribed the nasal spray and have been taking this now for over a week. I also had a Mirena coil put in during my surgery ( nearly 4 weeks ago) and yet I am still in so much pain. Was told it would take some time to settle down but realistically how long should I expect this level of discomfort before I see any improvement?

I am so desperate for this to work as I am my wits end with this constant pain.

Sorry for the whinging 😢😩

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I am in medical menopause (with Prostap injections) and I’ve found it takes about one month to fully work and give relief from pain. I’m on my third course of these injections and that’s been the case each time. I usually have an initial pain ‘flare’ and then it settles xxx



I’ve been having injections since March and they have definitely helped. I didn’t have any flare up of symptoms at all but I know everyone is different. I’m also on HRT due to family history of osteoporosis. When they offered me the injections it felt really extreme but I needed a relief and am glad that I decided to have them. I had endo excised 4 weeks ago and am still on injections for now but think I may be taken off them after my follow up appointment. Hope they work as well for you as they did for me. X


Huge hugs. The time after my diagnostic lap before my excision surgery when I was experimenting with hormone treatments was a really low point for me in my journey so far.

I had the mirena in and trialled it for 5 months. It stopped my periods after about 6 weeks but did continue to give me mild to moderate daily pelvic pain. By month 4 the post op healing phase was over so I knew the pain was the mirena. I gave it one more month then reluctantly had it out as mild daily pelvic pain was no better than severe period pain once a month. It's a shame I think it may be because I had some ovary treatment in my op near where it rests.

I then tried zoladex , which unfortunately for me didn't work at all and gave me a whole host of extremely unpleasant averse effects. I only had 2 doses and stopped it. I had a large RV Endo nodule though which are known to develop the ability to synthesise their own oestrogen.

Good luck xxxx


Thank u all. I am really low at the moment and don’t know what to do for the best. Hoping it all settles down soon xxx


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