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Pressure on left hip? Help please x

Hey ladies

Earlier today I heard a poop while lifting a box on my left side, where my ovary is, this was about 5/6pm.

I'm now getting a pressure feeling on my hip? Has anyone else had this?

I have been diagnosed with endometriosis in December last year, I had one patch of my left pelvic wall and two patches on my right ovarian fossa.


Emma xx

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I get this on and off, i have bilateral 6cm cysts but only tend to get the hip pain around ovulation. It’s a horrid feeling, but reading other people’s story seems to be a fairly common side effect.



Does it hurt for you or you get the pressure x


It’s difficult to say, the closest I could describe it is that it feels like bony joint pain whilst walking or moving on it, but like pressure if I try to sit or lay on it. I tend to watch tv leaning to my left side on the sofa and know if I’m getting problems as I have to sit the other way. Likewise in bed, I have to lay the other side. I found that heat soothed it well, and I’ll always have a bath to try and help it along. I always try and save pain killers as a last resort. X


I’ve not been diagnosed with Endo but get pain in the left hip area which is worse while having a period and just painful at all other times, it did go away briefly after being fitted with the coil but came back when I started being treated with estrogen, gynaecologist says it’s the wrong place for ovary pain but to keep an eye on it, he suggested I stop the estrogen cream and continue with just the patches and see if that makes any difference. I’ve read estrogen can make Endo worse so that makes me think that’s what it is.

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I have a gynaecologist appointment in Feb so I'll see what they say when I bring it up to them! I hope the patches work for you x


I find a hot water bottle helps with the pain.


Thank you! Will give that a go x


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