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Please help! 😶

Hello ladies,

I really need some help to decipher the diagnoses + findings from my discharge letter. Although my Gynae did go over what he would be doing, I was so nervous about it I can't remember! 😂 The laparoscopy was on Thursday.

Diagnoses: - Endometriosis (I know this one!)

- ?Adenomyosis (again know what this is but feel a bit oberwhlemed)

-? Left PVCS

Findings: - Adhesions at left para rectal space + left uterosacral nodule

-? Adenomyosis, ? Left PVCS


- Dissection of left Pararectal space

- Left ureterolyosis performed

- Excised left uterosacral nodule - Vagina/Rectum intact


Thanks very much in advance to any replies! 💕

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Adenomyosis is the presence of endometrial tissue in the walls of the uterus. That is my understanding


Thanks for your reply - I wish there was more info available regarding Adenomyosis!

For some reason I struggle more with the thought of having this than just Endo alone! 😕



I'm sorry to hear you have adenomyosis as well as the endo. I had this too and was devastated when I found out as the adenomyosis was wide spread not isolated so there was not many treatment options. I have used this website in the past m.adenomyosisadviceassociat...

there is quite a bit of info out there but it is difficult to find and I think the professionals are who you should really talk too. All of our situations are different and medicine changes, I hope there are now more options than I had 10 years ago



Hello ScoobyG,

Thank you so much for replying! How have you coped medication-wise with the Adeno? I did have a coil before the Op, but our plan is to start TTC, so apart from my last Decapeptyl injection (which has worked amazingly!) I will be hormone-free... Which actually in itself really scares me at the thought of going back to 'normal' periods!

I have a follow-up in 6months, but I will certainly be speaking to the Endo Nurse before that!

In the meantime I will keep my eyes open for any info I can get my hands on. Thank you again ☺


Hi Laura,

I am not surprised the thought of being hormone free is scary, I really hope you manage ok and manage TC, I have just met my local endo specialist nurse last week and she has already been wonderful even calling me a week post op so I hope yours is as supportive. Unfortunately I had only met my now hubby 3 months before my adenomyosis diagnosis so we were not at the stage of TTC otherwise we may have gone that route. I had injections (think decapeptyl ) for 3 months combined with depo injections in the last month it was wonderful but when the injections stopped (3 was max course length) all my pain returned straight away. We then tried one final laperoscopy but it didn't help. After 6 laps in about 18mths including ureter and bowel surgery I felt that I couldn't take any more and I had a hysterectomy at 26yrs old. For me with stage 4 endo and wide spread adeno it was the right choice. I'm currently 1 week post op just having had my last ovary and tube removed but except for the last year I have had such a peaceful time with minimal pain since my hyst 10yrs ago therefore I can say for me the hyst was the right thing for me.

Sorry my story isn't the most positive. But 10yrs is a long time and medicine has moved on. Hopefully the injections will buy you more pain free time. Maybe try alternative medicine to get you through I am a great believer in this, craniosacrial therapy has been an enormous help to me. (Google it😉)

Take care

Lucy xx


Hi Lucy,

Thank you so much for your kind reply! It really did cheer me up a bit ☺

The Decapeptyl really does work wonders - it's such a shame there isn't anything so good that one can have as a long-term treatment!

Wow... I can't begin to imagine how you managed with so many laps in such a short space of time! But it is good to know you've had relief for such a long time! I hope you have been recovering well from your last Op - I am 1 week post-Op today!

The Craniosacrial therapy sounds very interesting and it looks like there is a lady not too far away from here, so I will have to have a look into that - does it help with managing pain? I am worried about TTC and needing strong painkillers...

Thanks again for making me feel a bit better! Laura x



I find that the craniosacrial really helps with relaxation and pain. If you get the right therapist they can help release the emotion in the tissue which can store the memory of the trauma, that may sound too new age hippy for you but I'm a believer 😉 I remembered my hysterectomy in one session and it was like I was in the op again, not scary but helped me make peace with it. Like all these things it may not be for you but may be worth a try. Good luck, wishing you a peaceful and quick recovery from the latest op xx

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