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endo flu??

Hi everyone :)

Does anyone get flu like symptoms before and during their period? I’ve noticed that leading up to my period and also during I get very painful headaches and my whole body aches the same way it does when I have a flu. I don’t have any other cold symptoms like a sore throat or a stuffy nose just the aches and pains! It gets so bad I have to stay in bed until it passes in a few days :(

Does anyone else experience this?

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Hi yes I get that sometimes!! Must just be linked with the hormones and the endo 🙄🙄 x


Yes! My body gets so tired and I just need to sleep constantly. I always feel like it's just me being pathetic as it's not always when I'm in pain but often a few days afterwards. It's good to read other people feel like this too!


Yep, I get severe fatigue too. Sometimes during period, other times before and after. Feels like I weighed down with lead just trying to sit on my bed and get dressed. For me, fighting it just makes it last days longer.


I’m glad others are experiencing this too! Endo really makes you feel like it’s all in your head. Ive been going through this all week but it does help that I’m not alone :) thanks!


I thought I was going mad! But every month one week for my period I get flu like symptoms!


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