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Am I just a wimp

I am currently waiting for a laparoscopy. My periods are crippling but Im scared they will find nothing and claim my periods are normal.

Im currently laid on sofa doubed up despite having had pain killers. I've had to cancel exercise classes because I'm in so much pain. I only manage to work as have own office so can curl up when it gets too bad. Surely this isnt normal for a period or am i a wimp.

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I feel like this all the time!!

Am i just making it up? Am i a wimp? But then when i am going through the pain i think no, this is not normal!

Im early in my journey i have been referred to gynae in feb. I fear if i was to have a lap that they wouldn’t find anything but at the same time they may. You worry about wasting time.

At the end of the day we know somethings not right with our bodies. So no i don’t think your being a wimp. And your not alone in your thoughts xxxxx

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There can be other reasons your periods are heavy without it being endo. I was crushed when they didn't find any during my lap but my womb is tilted at a weird angle and I have dodgy pelvic floor muscles and was diagnosed with whatever that fancy word is for heavy periods as well. Even if your answers aren't where you think they are, there's still something going on and you know your body better than anyone! Even if no endo is found I'd keep pushing and hope you get some relief from your pain soon x


I agree with kate,

You know somethings not right with your body and if that means they do a lap and there is no endo found they may possibly find other answers xx



I have same story.

I am 43 ive put up with these crippling periods for years until this year when i ended up in a&e.

Had a lap and nothing but they did notice my periods were literally like giving birth to clots so i have a false labour experience so i was put on tranexamic acid and it has worked a treat for me its thinned it and i only have 3 day period.

I also have tilted pelvis and pelvic floor prob coz of this and see a physio for pelvic floor. As when were on our periods our womb becomes heavier and can cause problems in ur pelvis . I have a entrocele where my periods were so heavy it basically gave me a hernia where my insides just become so heavy.

So there can b other reasons for bad periods.... u should really b happy if u havent got endo as the ladies on here will tell u it no walk in park.

Most other things can b dealt with... even with contraception or tranexamic or coil.... whereas endo does get worse and will prob need surgery and much worse ie infertility.

So good luck and i hope you havent got it..


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