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Hi there

I was diagnosed with endo in 2011. After a laparoscopy I was told it was mild so I have been coping with it for years with painkillers. It's now starting to get worse and I'm struggling. I've never spoken to anyone about it but I'm finding it hard and very lonely. My doctors are quite useless and I wondered if I could get some advice from the people who are the same as me. I'm 32 and have no children yet. My periods are getting further apart each month. Is this common and does it mean I'm becoming more infertile. I'd like a baby but currently single and getting quite scared that I'm going to miss my chance. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you

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Hi Steph85,

I am sorry to hear you are suffering.

You are not alone in this and there are lot's of ladies out there that can offer you support.

You might find going to one of our support groups helpful: endometriosis-uk.org/suppor... We also have a helpline run by volunteers who also suffer from endometriosis if you ever need someone to talk to: endometriosis-uk.org/helpline

Best Wishes,

M Mary, Endometriosis UK

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Hi Mary

Thank you for writing to me. Yes I have seen and found a group near me in February which I will be attending. It is a relief I must say. I also have the number. I'm very grateful for your service thank you x


Hi Steph85

I'm sorry to hear that you are suffering from endo. I know how it feels, I've had three laparoscopic surgeries to remove cysts from my ovaries over the last 8 years. Actually, I had my third surgery three weeks ago and it has been successful. Most importantly, my doctor has put on visanne as an after-op treatment, which is a pure diogenest pill and helps alleviate endo symptoms and re-occurrence. Perhaps, you should speak to your doctor and consider having an op to remove the endo tissue before it starts getting even worse and it causes major damage to your body. hopefully you feel much better!



I'm so pleased you have found some relief after so much suffering. I think I do need to go for another surgery as my first one did not show much years ago. I'm hoping pregnancy will help too if I manage to fall pregnant. I've started looking at following the Endo diet to see if that helps at all while i wait for a referral. Thank you for sharing with me.

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My doctor has repeatedly told me that in general pregnancy helps, because it's a like a natural menopause, in which case it prevents the endo tissue and endo cysts getting bigger. This is basically the reason they prescribe this drug, in order to stop the period and suppress the endo from growing back. I'd suggest you find a specialist in laparoscopic surgeries for endo cysts removal and not just any random gynaecologist. You need someone who will be able to remove the tissue with minimum impact on the rest of your organs (ovaries etc). And try to be optimistic, because honestly once you remove it and the pain goes away, you feel much better!

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