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Hello my lovely ladies!

I'm struggling so badly. I cry about absolutely everything, whether it be an advert about milk on the telly, an episode of Geordie shore or the fact I lost my hairbrush. 

I need to try and go to the doctors because not only am I shattered all of the time and the low abdomen pains are agony, constant urinating AND I'm bleeding quite heavily but TMI ALERT I passed a blood clot which was extremely hard in texture! 

Could do with some help :( 

Bec xxx

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Yep. Exactly the same with the crying even seeing anything about marathons makes me cry too or someone child having a bad time talking about my kids being little argh anything really starts me off so embarrassing. pain though I fine with not crying  ????? Hard to sort stuff at Drs too as before getting endo properly identified just look really depressed every time I go in as cry so easily especially if they a tiny bit kind get even worse and it hard to so make clear yep I cry at everything , because for some people crying is a massive deal.I get the constantly urinating heavy bleeding and large clots too... I have got andometriosis so uterus is enlarged and pushing on bladder and bowel just got letter today confirming this after lap last week and that I may need hysterectomy , that made me cry... obviously but good to know what's going on but bit scared. 

Hope you get some answers with dr :) 


Thanks so much for replying. My crying is ridiculous, I cried at the smallness of a strawberry earlier! Hahah. 

I literally urinate full amounts every 10-15 minutes. 

I hope that you get your answers soon and start to feel better. Hopefully I'm off to the doctors tomorrow x


Yep I feel sorry for peas if I leave one on my plate, just  can't do it 😂😂   💗💗 I am an impatient patient one week after lap still in a lot of pain 

Good luck with doctors 😊


Hahaha! Can't have a lonely pea!

I'm over 3 weeks post op and I'm still in pain :( 


Thinking of you Hun, I'm feeling pretty crap at the moment and very emotional as I'm extremely tired, just wish I could stay in bed xx 

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Thanks so much for replying. That's exactly how I feel too. Luckily I've been able to cut back my work hours a bit but I'm just so tired and the pain is ridiculous :( 

I hope that you start to feel better soon xxxx


How you been today  Becca? Xx


My pain subsided reasonably quickly after my lap but the tiredness took almost 3 months.  There should be light at the end of the tunnel so just hang in there xxx


I'm the same. I cry at basically nothing. I've become so emotional. And also tired all of the time. I sleep most of the day, and sleep long hours at night too... and I don't do anything to make me tired. I get really frustrated with myself, so I understand how you must feel.



Thanks so much for your reply and I'm so sorry that you're going through this all too!

Being tired all of the time is awful and really ruins your quality of life. I'm back off to the doctors tomorrow to see what's happening! X

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