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Ginger tea seems to help ease period pain

Hi all,

Just want to share a quick tip which seems to have worked for me : drinking lemon and ginger tea with brown sugar daily for a week before the period starts seems to have eased my period pain a little bit. This is a well-known Chinese herbal remedy for helping menstruation. Ginger is supposed to help with blood circulation and warm up your body which Chinese doctors believe are vital for womens health. Every time I drank it I felt I am slightly sweating and I don't sweat at all when drinking normal tea or fruit/flower tea.

Maybe give it a go and reply if it helps.

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This sounds lovely! Might start drinking this anyway as I’m getting a bit bored of peppermint tea 😱😍 x


Nice to know I'm in agony now and suspect when my period comes it will be a killer one. Thanks hun. Xxx


Ginger is an anti-inflammatory. I would have a look on reputable sites and see what other guides are out there, that give good advice on anti-inflammatories.


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