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Your experience with what happens next (poss TMI post!)

As above this is a bit of a TMI post but pretty sure most of you on here are used that sort of thing by now! 🤷‍♀️

I had diagnostic and treatment via lap last November (2016) and endo was removed for the pouch around my left ovary. That pain was fine after surgery however I started getting pain during sex afterwards and this has escalated where is nigh on impossible. Not a shooting pain the abdomen but a more wide spread ‘inside’ if that makes sense. I had my first smear at the drs last week as I had gone to see her about the pain and said she may as well do it while she was there. Quite frankly the pain was horrific! She did it as quickly as she could But it was unbearable. (And now I’m having a really crappy flare up of pelvic pain)

She has referred me back to the hosp Gynae team.

What are people experiences with what happens next when they have experienced that type of endo pain (during sex, not the sharp stab you get near your ovaries)? Did they just have normal lap surgery, more drastic lap surgery (eg hysterectomy), or was there specific treatments they tried with you?

Thanks in advance for any answers, just want to have a think through all the options that may be available to me before my first appointment 😊

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