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Ovulation hunger

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Hi all. Does anyone else get hungry when ovulating. I try to have a good meal but get hungry a couple of hours later and often wake up in night hungry. Anyone got any tips? It doesn’t seem to matter what I eat I just get hungry. I have no particular interest in food either. But getting up in the night because I’m hungry isn’t helping onto of the constant peeing at night.

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Yes yes yes!!! When im ovulating and when im just about to come on period i literally scoff myself ..... it horrendous but i dont wana eat meals i want to eat snacks ie crisps chocolate...

I have gone gluten dairy free for six months now and found that has helped me as the food is lighter so u dont feel so full of stodge.

I have no advice as i think this is just our bodies crying for what it wants at that time of month but i have been trying to actually eat a meal more now with loadsa veg and that does help

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Bethleah in reply to Lulububs

I’ve been gluten, wheat, dairy, eggs and yeast free since feb but not made any difference. I don’t want chocolate etc just what to feel satiated. Had big bowl of spaghetti Bolognese gluten free spaghetti last night and 1 hour later was starving!

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Lulububs in reply to Bethleah

I am yeast free to. I do find that since giving all this up i am alot more hungrier i think it because all the foods that used to bloat me have gone and im not used to feeling light and not over stuffed.

It a weird one... mayb it because were not putting so many calories into body.. my diet before six months ago mainly consisted off bread bread and bread ... so ur always full

Now i never seem to b able to get my daily quota of calories. Meat and veg dont have many and that what i live on.

Mayb we should eat more !

I did read somewhere that our bodies need more cals at that times of month as it working harder so mayb that why were extra hungry then

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Bethleah in reply to Lulububs

Could be. I’ll just have to try eating more chocolate and crisps then!🙂

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Lulububs in reply to Bethleah


Like good idea to me 😀


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