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GRI IVF Waiting Times?

I have recently been informed I have stage 4 endometriosis with 2 endometriomas on each ovary and booked into have a laperoscopy at the end of the month. Although being referred to fertility by my gp in may and having all tests, my consultant said after my surgery he will refer me straight to ivf. Does anyone know how long it might take to start ivf treatment at Glasgow Royal Infirmary?

Is anyone going through something similar?

Thanks x

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I was 5 months after the initial appointment at gri hope that helps I think it might be a little longer now as the 3 funded rounds start to kick in but honestly it’s flown in. Hubby and I planned some cool hols to help the time pass. Good luck with it hun xxx


Thanks Cal xxx


If you join the fertility network group on here you’ll find lots of people going through similar and quite a lot of people seem to mention treatment at GRI


Thanks Lizzie xxx


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