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Endo=life changer 😭

Anybody else spend what seem hours on the toilet in a morning! Hot water bottle attached to me 24/7 witch result in burns!! Oh and iv had it remvoed but came bk very fast! And a year on from having zoladex still getting sweats!! Endo seems to take over your life! I want an hysterectomy but im only 27 and in the middle off going through oppointments with ivf

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Any relief when you get into the bath?

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Hi. How you feeling? Endometriosis absolutely sucks, it's a horrible disease and I'd never even heard of it! I've burnt my back with the hot water bottle but it's a must some days. We had our first ivf appointment on Monday so I can get what your going through. Do you have a pain plan in place? Xx


The pill and co-codimal 😭


Hi. How you feeling today? Are you being cared for at a bsge centre? The specialist I saw said with endometriosis on the bowel like I have co-Codina can aggravate it even more, I was put on amitytline, buscopan and tramadol and it helped until I had the surgery. What surgery did they do? Xx


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