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1st Prostap injection today

I had my 1st prostap injection today. The 1st of approx 3 my consultant wants me to have before he does a lap and hysterectomy in january. Bit of a delay in getting the injection due to no info or letter about how to get it. Didnt realise i had to book a prescription through my own gp then book an appointment with a nurse to administer. Slight problem when about to administer it when i said my period was due but hadnt arrived yet. She gave it anyway but now im wondering will my period arrive or will i not have one.

Just wondering how soon my symptoms could kick in 🤔

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Hi hope

You’re ok

Well it can take a few days but also the booed can be really heavier than normal and you think omg! Why did I bother but once it kicks in it’s fantastic

I was going to have the op but decided to stay in these instead been a year now and best thing I have ever done

We’re all different to things but I think it’s great .... I hope it works for you suppose to be 3 only but I’m staying in it if I can

I have even lost weight

As I say we’re all different woth things but it’s good

Hope you get all

Sorted and I hope the ops go well

Take care

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Hi. I had my first injection two weeks ago. I am staying on it for 3 months and then we will try to get pregnant (ivf).

I dont think I have any symptoms as yet. I am quite depressed but that’s just the whole op stress and the fact that we will struggle to have a baby. The only downside is that I have been bleeding for 2 weeks now and it’s really annoying. For the last 8 days I have been feeling as if my period was to come - bloated, sad, full of tears and eating the whole chocolate in one go. Absolute nightmare. But no pain.

Hope you will fine and won’t even notice the injections.


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