Initial increase in pain after first Prostap injection

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I was just wondering if anybody else had had an increase in their pain following their first prostap injection? I had awful pains! It seemed like all of my pain that I experience on a daily basis because of Endo was magnified, especially on my right ovary (I have an endometrioma on there). The pains have died down somewhat but I just wanted to see if it was normal to feel that much pain. (My current treatment plan is to receive 4 prostap injections whilst waiting for surgery to remove Endometriosis from my bowel - I’m having an MRI scan next week to pin point exactly where the Endo is).

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I only had my first injection two weeks ago and I’ve noticed my pain increase - I put it down to having to stop the pill before hand and waiting for the injection to work as such as I can’t say I’ve had many noticeable side effects yet.

Mine was two weeks ago! I’ve got my second one on the 10th November. The last couple of days I’ve been getting headaches, feeling sick and extremely tired.

Mines on the 10th too. Have you been given HRT? I’ve been feeling sick lots but generally put that down to the endo as it’s been happening for a while. I had awful head aches to start with but I’ve been trying to drink lots of water ..... I’m getting a few little spots on my face :(

Oh how cool is that that we’ll be having injections on the same day! Yeah I’m getting a few spots on my chin. No I’ve not been given HRT. Ima but confused about the whole HRT thing. When I begged for my consultant to give me a full hysterectomy including ovaries - he refused because I’m under 45 and would need HRT, this would then trigger any remaining endometriosis again?? And encourage more to grow?? He has given me the prostap to help manage my pain and to calm all the inflammation down so it’s easier to remove it during surgery. Would taking HRT whilst having the prostap kind of defeat the object of trying to stop feeding the endo with hormones?

Oh I’m not sure? I’m only 27 and hysterectomy is a no go. They gave me the injections basically to shut everything down to find out where the pain is coming from incase it’s not a gynea problem ..... but I know it is 😂. Already been given HRT to take after second injection to help with the side effects, everyone could be different though?

I’m 37, I was finally diagnosed with Endometriosis when I was 30. Yes you’re right, everyone is different. my consultants plan is just to shut everything down and calm it all before tackling the bowel through surgery. I’d never heard of Prostap before, in fact the only treatment options I’ve ever been given is the pill (various forms, none of which agrees with me), the mirena coil (awful awful awful), and surgery. I guess everybody’s journey is different, what works for one person may not work for another. I find it all fascinating!

Hi, i had zoladex 3 yrs and had hrt as the side effects where getting to me. There is a certain type us endo ladies are give tiblone or livial, because the injection shuts off all female hormones add back helps us cope. You need a little estrogen for normal bodily function and the hrt helps.


Oh right I see! Thank you! I have been going back and forth for years to different gynaecologists, I had never heard of Prostap before, and to be honest the consultation with the endo specialist was like a whirlwind, I had so many questions afterwards! Xx

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