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Adenomyosis and "swelly belly"

Hey, probably a common question but I'm going to ask any way. Does anyone have any solutions to the swollen belly problem? I had my endometriosis removed a few months back and my surgeon reckons I have adenomyosis. I have started cutting out wheat again because that certainly helps but is there anything else anyone can recommend? I always had a flat stomach before this so I feel really uncomfortable with it and struggle to dress for it. Oh, I also have vitamin d and b12 deficiencies linked to an underactive thyroid so im hoping dairy and meat won't be an issue 😬 I'm putting off a hysterectomy as I'm trying to make some relatively quick decisions about children (if I can have them, I don't know how good of an idea it is for someone like me). It might sound stupid to some but I think the idea of having a hysterectomy is a little traumatic to me. Maybe I think it's strange because my mom was relieved to have hers. Perhaps it's the idea of losing the chance to have children, I don't know really. Any way I digress, any advice would be really helpful, thanks

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