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I am currently seeing a gynae about Adenomyosis. He has suggested a total hysterectomy including removing my ovaries. Is it necessary to remove my ovaries as well? I have 3 children and will not be having anymore children.

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Not sure but adenomyosis is only in the uterus so they don't really need to remove the overies maybe they have seen endometriosis with it do you think ? I'm currently waiting on a gyne appointment to see if I can have one 🤞 they say yes I'm in pain constantly and periods 😱 awful, do you get your pain all day?? X

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fra44 in reply to Bubblepoppy

Hi it’s about 2 weeks out of 4. But the pain when it starts building is terrible and by the time my period arrives I can’t really function. I am going to get a second opinion first, I don’t understand why they need to remove my ovaries but I am not a doctor!!

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Bubblepoppy in reply to fra44

I looked it up they don't need to remove them for adenomyosis, but I'd ask why they are removing them before you have it done, the pain is horrible I know how you feel I'm currently sat on sofa in pain just took some zapain, I get it all day everyday and periods are the worsed it's 10x worse x

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Have you been recommended a hysterectomy? Isn’t that the only way to treat Adenomyosis?

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Bubblepoppy in reply to fra44

Yes it's the only definite cure and no I had to ask them to refer me it's rediculous I've been suffering for years x

I have adenomyosis too, think this may be the route I go down (hysterectomy). Thinking of ablation first.

Hope you are well today x

How would ablation help? I thought Adenomyosis was in the uterus?

It would destroy the lining of the uterus :)

Hey AllthatGlitters .Just to note ablation for adenomyosis is not meant to be successful. I am in a support group for adenomyosis and almost everyone that had it done said they ended up with much more pain and ended up having to have a hysterectomy as a result of having it.x

Hi thanks for getting in touch. Oh I was thinking this would be a good option too, I suppose I am trying to avoid a hysterectomy:( what support group are you in, is it online? I don’t know anyone else with my condition & nothing in my area class/group wise either x

AllthatGlitters it's called Adenomyosis Fighters Support Group , yes it's online .I'm part of lots of support groups as I have a lot of conditions but this particular group is great .Very informative and very regular posts as it's a very large worldwide group .Best of luck .xxx

Fab that’s great I will have a look and join. X

Hi may I ask what the support group is? I have both endometriosis and Adenomyosis and I’ve tried pretty much everything and I’m due to have a hysterectomy but want to be sure - so I would like to access an Adenomyosis support group thank you.

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joey81 in reply to Saoirse11

I know this is an old thread, but can you share the support group for adenomyosis please. I woukd really like to join xx

Keep your ovaries if at all possible. What's healthy and functionally well shouldn't be removed. Losing them can cause osteoporosis and lead to more inflammation. Keeping your ovaries naturally in check is better than any hormone medicine. With that being said I am glad I kept mine.

Have a look at this....

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fra44 in reply to Angel1i

Thank you, that’s really helpful.

Thanks I will have a look x

It's very happy that you have three children. If you don't have the idea of having children anymore, and if you have severe or irregular menstruation, including abdominal pain, you can consider ovariectomy, then your dysmenorrhea will disappear, and you won't have menstruation and fertility.

Adenomyosis is also a kind of endometriosis, but it is ectopic to the inner wall of the uterus, causing some difficulties for surgery. Some patients choose contraceptives and intrauterine devices to alleviate, while there will also be some side effects, such as vomiting and nausea. Some patients choose conservative surgery, such as the removal of part of the ovary or fallopian tube, to retain part.

Some patients will be treated with Fuyan pill to help them promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis and avoid pelvic infection. Of course, I am not a doctor. I hope to get back to health as soon as possible.

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fra44 in reply to Charlotte183

Hi thanks. I have got a second opinion and going to try endometrial ablation first. The gynecologist did question why my ovaries needed to be removed.

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