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Acute pain...and strange stomach noises

My 20 yr old daughter has Endo and last saturday had sudden onset acute pain below bellybutton (always in some pain).

Became so severe that even her Morphine (not taken morphine for several months) would not stop it so ended up going to hospital via ambulance. They would/could not scan as weekend, or so they said, and put it down to Endo and her CPS. The referreed her for urgent ultrasound.

She had scan (privately) yeterday and they said all was fine and no cysts, as we were wondering if this was the case.

2am this morning the acute pain woke her once more, not quite as severe but still need morphine. Other difference was her stomach was making very loud gripping noises as if she was about to have diareara, but didnt.

She managed to sleep a few hrs later with the added help of a hot water bottle.

Also her stomach has been much more bloated recently and not just lower down, were she gets it, under the belly button, but also above where the actual stomach is.

She was diagnoised with ibs last year.

Anyone else experienced this, any advice or suggestions please?

She is going to start a gluten free diet today (I cant tolerate it), and she was tested for coeliac's disease last year but it was clear, just too see if it helps.

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Do you have your notes in order? What did the Gastroenterologist say, Have you tried the FODMAP diet yet? What were the results of food allergies/intolerances?


Happened again last night. Tbe stomach gripping noise is so loud and the bad pain comes at the same time as the noise then settles until next gripping.

Going to see GP asap as this sounds more bowel to us? Anyone else have this?


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