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Newbie Ruby :-)

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Hi everyone, hope your all having a positive day so far :-)

I am waiting for my first laparoscopy (finally) but was unsure how long people have generally waited for a first laparoscopy on the NHS? Any ideas please?

Unfortunately the pain in my pelvis is chronic now and I am unable to do most things - including work, although I am trying to seek out an opportunity asap, I know it will be very difficult (maybe even impossible) to work in this condition...

I am 42 and have suffered with severe and chronic hip/pelvic pain since 2012 - and today I am jobless and feel absolutely useless - which is not like me at all because I am normally a very positive and upbeat kind of person.

It's not helping that the NHS have still not diagnosed me, but I just 100% know I have Endometriosis - my symptoms are just too obvious - especially now that it has really established itself inside me.

Anyone else out there feeling a bit down with all the chronic pain? I am on Amitriptyline and Tramadol but it does not take away the gnawing pain in my pelvis and legs - also, I have not bled for 3 months this time around - that's just not normal.

Sorry for being a bit blue today - will do my best to keep my chin up!

Have a lovely day all :-)

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Hi Ruby sorry to hear your struggling with your pain. I too have chronic pelvic/hip/lower back pain along with lots of other symptoms. I was diagnosed with endometriosis 2 weeks ago via a laparoscopy. Mine is on my bladder and on both sides of my pelvic area. You are not alone in how you feel. This disease can make you feel very lonely and the pain can make you feel exhausted and down.

I first saw a gynaecologist in March and on the second appointment he referred me fir a laparoscopy. I only waited 2 weeks for mine! But the waiting list in other hospitals can be longer. I hope you get your appointment through very soon so you can get to the bottom of what causing your pain. Keep smiling xx

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RubyRoo1975 in reply to Dawn84

Hi Dawn - many thanks for your lovely reply - it has made a positive difference to my day :-)

Thanks also for the information on how long you had to wait for your laparoscopy - this is the initial referral for me so it will be to see Gynecologist I suppose - then will come laparoscopy. That means a lot more waiting and I am eating my way through my Tramadol as if they were smarties :-(

I am struggling because I am looking for a job - my temp to perm changed and ended up temp only at the end of June - then my Dad died suddenly so I am still searching for work now we have said goodbye to Dad - it's all just so hard with this pain on top of everything and patience is not one of my plus points when in pain (lol).

Thank you for making me feel better though - most appreciated.

Keep your pecker up my darling and keep in touch xx

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Dawn84 in reply to RubyRoo1975

Hi Ruby glad to of helped. That's why this forum is so great as we can talk to ladies going through similar and it makes us feel not so alone. I think unless your going through it, it's difficult to understand.

I'm really sorry to hear your Dad passed away suddenly. This must be a very difficult time.

I really hope you manage to find a permanent position soon.

Take care xxx

Mine was about 3 months after they said I could have one.

Thank you both for your reply - I have made a request for a private consultation to see a good gynecologist - I can't wait that long for an initial appointment so I am going to do it this way, as it will get me in next week - but the treatment will be on NHS so I will have to wait for the lap.

I have a final interview this morning for a great job - fingers crossed!

Have a positive day ladies :-) xx

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