Severe Cystoscopy Anxiety

Hi everyone,

So I've got a cystoscopy on Thursday, and I have unbearable anxiety about it. So bad that I've started to itch - especially my scalp, with anxiety. I cry whenever I think about it. I just cannot imagine having the procedure done. I haven't googled anything about it which is unusual for me but I cannot bear the thought of it.

I know I sound ridiculous and I've been told to just "man up" but I'm hoping someone will understand how I feel. Does anyone have any advice on this? Is there any chance they'd put me under GA instead of local. I just don't think I'll be able to do this 😞 it's taken over my life and my body since I found out I needed it

Thank you x

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Ring them up hun and ask them to put you to sleep they can put you to sleep they just don't like to as it's such a short procedure and you'll be I'm hospital more or less all day because of the GA. You can't have one like this you'll only get worse once you get to hospital it really isn't that bad it's the after affects that's the worse when going for a wee. I advice you to place a cold wet flannel over when you have a wee it eases the pain buy a few, the pain should be over In a day drink plenty of water after wards. You'll be fine. Do ring them though because I don't think any medications will help you if your this bad already. Wish you luck hun xx

I honestly have crazy anxiety. I'm constantly itching until my scalp literally bleeds. I don't know what it is about it I just can't stand the thought of something going up my urethra 😞 but thank you for your reply I'll defo buy flannels!! Xx

I know hun it's not a nice thought I wanted GA initially they talked me out of it. It is painful but just for a split second when it goes In it was for me anyway. They say it isn't but it was get them rung. Let Me know how you get on. 💗🤗😘

I had cystoscope with two kidney stents removal all carried out in the clinic. Honestly it is nothing. They put a bit of cream in to numb it up. I didn’t feel any thing. After about 5-10 minutes. It is all over. I was even joking at the consultant ‘s expense as he had a bit of difficulty in removing one of the stent. I commented that he need more fishing practice.

So no worries, just lie back and think of England 🙃

I had one 10 days ago. It was a rigid cystoscopy and my consultant only does them under a general anaesthetic incase she needs to take biopsies. I was incredibly nervous due to a previous bad experience in the day Surgery Unit. I told the staff and they were all so lovely. I had no pain when I woke up. First few wee's were a bit stingy and there was a very small amount of bleeding on wiping. I was only in the unit 4.5 hours. Went home and rested in bed for abit. Felt fine the following day. It was no where near as bad as I thought it would be. See if you can get yours done under a general anaesthetic. Good luck x

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