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Awful cramps and very heavy periods.


I don't have diagnosed endometriosis as I'm 'too young' to be diagnosed, the doctors say I have it but cannot do anything about it, I'm only 15, so as you can imagine the pain is unbearable, school is obviously a lot of effort to get too and try to concentrate with my pain being constant, is there any good tips for how to deal with endometriosis when youre out of the house e.g. at school or even at home because my mum currently has to practically babysit me as I'm so ill , I know alot of you have probably experienced way worse but I would just love to talk to someone going through the same.

Thank you, any support or tips would be amazing!!

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Hi Charlotte.

I'm so sorry you are in so much pain.((Big hugs))

I too had a lot of pain at your age. The doctors gave me medication that did not work. A hot water bottle and sleep are the only things that work for me at 15 and now 30 years down the line.

I've been trying Clary sage it's a essential oil.

Ask your mum to check out.

Clary sage essential oil

Roman chamomile essential oil

Heat pad.

Turmeric, ginger, bromelain ( pineapple) and papain (papaya) tablets help. They are natural and are anti inflammatory , they also have enzymes that help with the pain naturally.

You can eat pineapple in juice.

You can eat fresh papaya

You can drink herbal tea with turmeric and ginger in them.

Clary Sage essential oil , I found it useful with helping with cramp and pain relief.

Popular Uses of Clary Sage Essential Oil

Clary Sage Oil Supports Hormone Balance & Relieves Menstrual Pain.

For menstrual discomfort, rub three to five drops on the abdomen.

Combine with Roman Chamomile and add to bath water for a stress-relieving bath.

Apply to feet (ankle under the bone part) or pulse (acupressure) points to help balance hormones.

Diffuse or apply to pillow at night for a restful sleep. (add to a tissue and place in pillow case)

I have been using Clary sage essential oil on my stomach and pelvic abdomen area. I also apply to my ankles. It helps with the pain of PMS and it balances the hormones . I have a microwaveable heat pad at present placed over my stomach as it helps the Clary Sage. If you use a microwave heat bag only heat for 1 minute so it does not burn your tummy. You can get stuck on heat pads for when you have to go to school. The pound shop sell the same ones as boots and superdrug do.

I hope your period pain easy soon.

Charlottepeacock27 in reply to Hidden

Thank you so much for this all, it's going to help so much! Heat pads are honestly my best friends! Your support means alot, I'm starting an anti-inflammatory diet soon so hopefully that will lessen the pain, lots of love!!!!

Hidden in reply to Charlottepeacock27

you are very welcome. you can message me anytime things get to much xx

I follow a anti-inflammatory and sugar free diet . I eat wraps as it's not got as much gluten and wheat as bread has. I have almond milk instead of cows milk.

everyone's body reacts differently, so do not worry if your body does not like something. do some research online untill you find what works for you. there are lots of youtube videos and information out there.

you may find this book helpful. I found Wendys youtube video's , book and cookbook very helpful.


Have you tried making a pizza with wraps as a base. you need two wraps . it's yummy. if you want the recipe let me know.

I hope your pain is more bearable today. let me know how you get on if you try any of these things :-) xx

Charlottepeacock27 in reply to Hidden

This is going to help so much thank you! If possible could you send me the recipes you recommend as I'm off food shopping today, so it would be so helpful! I'm a swimmer as well so that helps with cramps but obviously on a heavy period I never want to even use a extra plus tampon as I can leak thorough those in about 30mins, again thank you so much, your help means alot!!!!!❤

Jenjen87 in reply to Hidden

Zonazer this is a great reply, I’ve not heard of half of these, so many useful tips. Your an angel❤️.xxxx


I've messaged you. have fun making your pizza how you like it xx

Hey, I totally feel your pain. When I was your age (I’m 24 now) I was constantly fobbed off by doctors who would take one look at me and say “oh, you’re so young” and decide they weren’t doing anything to help me before they had even listened to me. The best one was being told that I just wanted a bit of time off school (untrue) and there was nothing wrong with me.

Heat pads were my best friend, along with some strong painkillers. Has your GP given you anything or are you taking over the counter stuff? I ended up off school for months and the best way to get me back was to have a lot of flexibility with the school such as getting out of classes 5 mins early to start walking to my next one without everyone else around, and the times when I genuinely couldn’t handle it I could either go and lie down in the office or head home. Have you spoken with your school to make them aware of the issues?

Also, if you have heavy bleeding, have you considered talking to your doctor about maybe going on the pill? It might help with your periods and I know some women do get relief when taking it. They started me on it at 15 too and it definitely helped with my bleeding.... I was always so paranoid about leaking at school (happened once and I still get mortified thinking about it 😳!) or when I was out anywhere so having lighter bleeding certainly made a difference that way for me x

JackieBo in reply to Dee11

I second what Dee said about birth control. I was put on it at 15 for this very reason and it helped a lot then, so much so that when I was 25, I had totally forgot why I was originally taking them and decided to take myself off without taking to a doctor. Fast forward 9 years later and things have gotten very, very bad. I shouldn't have ever stopped taking them.

See about getting on the pill. Starting it young can really help, before this awful disease has had years to take root and cause trouble. Preventative medicine is always the best medicine.

Good luck, doll!! 💖

Third Dee and JackieBo about the pill, this did help me for a while and diet is important.

When i was at my best and this was only a year for or two max I lifted weights and walking (not cardio as running never really helped my pain, it aggravated it strangely, started running and I couldn’t exercise for weeks and the pain was unbearable) and stuck to a very strict diet. I experienced symptoms but no way near as bad when I stopped with the pill and my diet.

I’m going right back to my gym diet plan even if I don’t work out often anymore, it’ll help you for sure. I also juiced, cut out a lot of processed food and so forth. Juicing really helped. I can give you details if needed. I spoke to my friend who owned the juice bar I went to and they actually do plans for endometriosis.

Stay strong you, your tough and very strong to be going through this at 15.

Sending big hugs ❤️.xxxxx

Thank you all so much for your help, luckily I'm having a very good day with my endometriosis, I've been put of birthing pills and am not ready to take the pill, sorry for any annoyance at this, I'm sure as I get older i will learn to cop with it, thank you so much❤

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