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Egg extraction before ovariectomy?

Hello! I have various cysts and lesions. My biggest cyst is 7cm on my left ovary. The specialist (GYN-OB and surgeon) has recommended a laparoscopy, one where I don't know what I'll be coming out with - he will try to preserve the ovary but he may have to take it out along with the Fallopian tube. I would sign a form before the operation to say I am OK with that.

I would like to know if I am going to sound crazy if I ask to undergo the first stages of IVF before having the operation i.e. stimulating eggs then extracting and freezing. Is that a normal thing to ask? I am 33, was thinking of trying to have a baby soon. I don't have children now.

Thanks for any advice. I only found out two days ago and my head is spinning.

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Hi, i can see why you would like an egg collection done before an op with an unknown outcome and personally i dont think an unreasonable thing to ask if its possible.

I havent seen or heard of any posts asking this so dont know if it can be done. I suppose some things to consider would be timing of a mini ivf before surgery. I am starting ivf soon, so from what i have been told its a 4 parter; shut off ovaries, stimulate them, let them mature and gather the eggs. Instead of them being fertilized and 1 being put back they call get frozen. Then when you are ready they "complete" the cycle.

Good luck x

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