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Post laparoscopy excision of bowel endometriosis

Hi all,

I had a lap 2 days ago where endometriosis was removed from the back of my womb, both sides of my bowel, one of my ovaries and my pelvis. I've had terrible ibs symptoms for 2 years now, the worst being mucousy flatulence and uncontrollable gas while/after eating. Before surgery I was beginning to think I had a parasite or infection because of my symptoms.

I would love to hear from those of you who have had endometriosis removed from your bowels and what your symptoms were before and after excision? I cannot tell if there has been any difference right now due to the co2 still being trapped. My life will completely change if it was the endometriosis causing them.


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I had endometriosis excised form the bowel. You need to take appropriate laxatives at the beginning few weeks. I had movicol and it is not too bad.

I had IBS like symptoms for many years and used to unable to eat wheat products. Now post operation, I rarely has any bowel pain and can eat bread etc. So overall much improved. The bowel habit do change quite a bit and took around 6-12 months to settle for me. The bowel consultant said the operation can be very good for pain reduction but not so predictable for bowel habit.

Hope this helps and you make a good recovery.


Thank you for your reply.

Was one of your IBS symptoms gas by any chance? I've had uncontrollable gas even when not on my period and I really hope the excision will get rid of this problem. My bowels have just been crazy.


I did not have this particular problem. Hope yours will improve in time.


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