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Has anyone had shaving of bowel endometriosis?

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Having seen a previous surgeon, today I was seen at a specialist endometriosis centre who has since advised that I have severe endometriosis (decision made from previous laparoscopy images). He has said that I will need extensive surgery to remove my endometriosis as well as free up my womb etc... which seem to be stuck. The other thing he said was that I have clear bowel endometriosis which will need to be removed by a specialist surgeon. Has anyone had bowel shaving done before? He hopes that this will be how it will be removed but has pre warned me about the chances of complications and perhaps the chance of a short term colostomy bag. How have you managed to cope with this kind of surgery? Thank you ❤️

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Do you mind me asking what your symptoms are?

The reason I ask is that I also have bowel endo but I have been told by my BSGE specialist surgeon that I will only need bowel surgery if I have a further reoccurrence of pain.


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I have rectal bleeding, as well as painful bowel movements, alternating constipation and diarrhoea and constant pain. At my BSGE centre, they said that I have no other option given where my endometriosis is. I've had 9 months failed treatment on GnRH, and have almost daily pain. Sadly, I have no other option despite the risks.

I am so glad i have just joined this site.i am currently been told the same thing as yourself. I just got an injection of zoladex and put on hrt until they decide which op is best.

Have you previously had bowel surgery? I'm just interested since you seem very against surgery, so it would be great to know why. I know there are serious reuses with all surgery, but I feel as if I don't have any option now. I've been on 9 months of GnRH with very little improvement, so surgery is my only way forward.

I had endometriosis removed by shaving the bowel. The bowel surgeon went through all the risks and complications. I luckily didn't experience any problems. They will try to minimise risks wherever they can.

I had far less bowel problems post operation than before .

All the best.

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Did you have pain for the bowel aspect of the survey, or was it generally plain sailing? I'm just trying to have as best understanding as I can before I have the surgery.

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I had IBS like symptoms for a long time. Tries to cut out gluten etc but nothing worked. Things have definitely improved now.

Hi, I had quite extensive surgery for severe endo in August, which included a bowel re-section. They did warn of risks including a bag but I didn't need to have one, they have to tell you worst case scenario as with any surgery. My bowel is much better now since surgery. I still have some ongoing lower back and pelvic pain, not sure if this is still related, I have my 6 month followup in a few weeks. If you have anything you'd like to ask me please do, good luck with your surgery x

Pid? Define

And please inform more of bowel endo a bag? I fear surgery is soon coming and don't want further surprise

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Pelvic inflammatory disease. A colostomy bag, a temporary measure for extensive bowel surgery. It should have been discussed with you if you are having bowel surgery.

I hope your surgery goes well!

I wonder if my symptoms are related to bowel endo.

For the last 8months i have been getting excruciating lower abdominal cramps then I have to run to the toilet with diahorrea.

I'm then running back and forth to the toilet for about 4 hours. I'm then left feeling drained.


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