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Nervous about gynaecologist

I have a third appointment with my gynaecologist in November.

I first saw her last year for symptoms for endo(obviously) she put me thigh a lap witch I had in December(2016)...I then saw her for the second time in February, where I find her the pain is no different, if anything worse...witch is where she accused(if that's the right word) for anorexia...the last few months have been hell for me, just just with dealing with endo symptoms but also trying to prove I haven't got an eating disorder witch I was finally listened to and told I don't have a eating disorder...

So I'm seeing her again in November, I'm at wicks end, I'm losing faith in just so down with everything, but I know like all my other hospital appointments I wont be listened to...no doubt be told I have another disorder or illness that I'll have to prove I haven't got




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Sorry your feeling this, way and sorry both your gp and gynae assumed you had an eating disorder. Just because your slim and find it hard to eat due to pain.

Are you been seen by general gynae? If so and she doesn't listen and you still feel like your getting nowhere. Ask to be referred onto a bsge centre if there is one near you. Try not to loose hope. Your young and can get on top of this unfortunately it sometimes takes a bit of a while to find a gp and gynae that v works well with you. See how this appointment goes explain how your feeling. What your willing to try next and if you feel your getting nowhere then book in with your gp or another one and explain you want to be referred to a bsge centre. These centre have trained drs in this field and will treat you. Also have you tried an anti inflammatory diet look it up if not and give it a go. Diet really does help with some symptoms unfortunately it's just hormones and surgery to help treat it medically and if you can you'd like to avoid as much as poss they all come with long term affects and risks.

Wish you all the best hun stay 💪


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She's apparently a specialist in endo, but the very first time I was her she said it didn't sound like endo, but don't the lap to look inside and she found endo. So I wouldn't say she's a "specialist" and thank you xx


This is unacceptable, and I agree with 'Allweneedisluv' that it might be worth asking to be referred to a BSGE Centre. If you don't know much about them, then contact 'Endo UK' who host this site on 'Health Unlocked' ... link to their site at the top of this page. If you talk - email or phone - to their trained advisors they may be able to help you.

Just because your specialist is a gynaecologist does not mean that she is an expert on endometriosis. The BSGE Medics are Endo experts, but often people do not get referred until their laparoscopy shows serious Endo. What did they find when you had your Lap? Have you got a copy of the report from this? You have a right to have a copy so ask for one from your GP, then you could discuss what it says with the people at 'Endo UK'. You could also see if you have a local 'Endo support' Group, they are springing up in most places as it becomes more obvious how widespread Endo is, and how many women are in pain and being ignored. It might also be worth explaining to your Gp how unhelpful you find the specialist. But check the lpa report first, it's possible that even suggests you be seen by a BSGE Centre.

Also, ask around on here, about local groups: eg you could say just roughly where you live - eg I'm in Devon, and there is a group that meets in driving distance from me - and people could tell you of ones they know -- or the advisors at 'Endo UK' can help you.

Sadly this is just a start, as many of us with Endo have to be our own best experts, but ask on here... ; talk over the Lap with your GP; checkout other 'Endo Sites' eg there are ones in Canada and the US; look for local Endo groups, and also look out for the Facebook 'Endo group'.

But definitely talk to 'Endo Uk' once you have the report of what they found out from your lap.

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Thank you so much, they found 3patches on endo, 2 of the left side and 1 on the right but that's all I know... I have a summary sheet witch the hospital gave me I left the hospital?

But thank you I'll have a look about, definitely something for me to think about xx


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