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Good Morning all!!

Hi Everyone,

I’m new to the forum but glad to have come across something to get support/advice as I am really starting to forget what a full nights sleep is like! I was diagnosed with Endo last year after an emergency laparoscopy i was taken in with sudden intense pain to the point I could not move out of the foetal position and I was vomiting....turns out it was a cyst rupture but they thought it may of been appendicitis. I was asked “how did you not know there was a problem your covered inside”. Well firstly I knew very little about Endo and how can a woman compare pain to another’s when it’s all you ever remember so you think that is your normal. Anyway currently waiting for an op to remove 2 very large cysts on each ovary and a flush through of Fallopian tubes and burn all Endo away from pelvis as I’m struggling to conceive. Meanwhile pain is pretty much daily regardless of cycle now, it’s mostly a strong aching sensation in pelvis and lower back and just looking for any home remedies or recommendations on vitamins? Hot baths and deep heat help to some extent and I take strong anti inflammatory doctor prescribed.

Stay strong ladies!

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Oh, bless! Sounds like you've been through hell. No advice, but sending you lots of good wishes and positive vibes.


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