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3 months post lap

Hi ladies, so I was diagnosed with endo 3 months today ..after 2 years!!! Of back and fourth to my doctor , anyway it was found on my pouch of Douglas and both ligaments :/ I’m still dealing with the emotional news but I was just wondering is it normal to still have pain everywhere after 3 months? My periods are fine my pain is usually a daily thing all over and usually after I urinate I also keep getting infections down below now? Any help would be great xx Foofs

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Hiya, can I ask if you had the endo excised or lasered? I had deep endo in similar places to you and only had diathermy (laser ) mine came back really quick so I'm starting the process of going to a BSGE clinic for further surgery xx


Hi chloe! I had mine excised my doctor was a endo specialist :/ but I really don’t feel any better infact I feel worse and I just want to know if I’m suppose to be healed by now, I’ve done research and I think excision is meant to be more efficient I really hope you get it sorted xxx


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