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Laparoscopy advice

Hello, I had a consultation with a doctor regarding my next step and im trying to push for laparoscopy, its my final option now but it seems theyre trying to put me off even though ive been dealing with pain for my entire adult life, im pretty fed up of being deffered even longer. And now im at the point in life where i want to be TTC. One point he mentioned is the obvious risks for surgery. The main part he mentioned is that its possible my bowl is connected to my ovary and can cause implications. I have had problems with my bowls and similarly what i assume to be my kidneys? Im not too sure. Basically i want to know if anyone else has had surgery and what happens if they find some organs connected to each other and wether this makes larascopy more complicated? It doesnt put me off surgery but id like to know more about the risks and wether my doctor is just trying to scare me off of it.

Thank you x

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Hey, sorry you are suffering at the moment. It's your body and the lap would give you some answers and options for treatment. Choose a surgeon you trust. The waiting lists are so long you might as well get on it while you are thinking about it, you can always change your mind. You shouldnt have to put up with this pain or wait until you are desperate. Take care


Thank you, will make sure i at least get on the list! X

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