Exhausted count down til surgery

Good night to all. I can finally go to bed. Every night I fall asleep on the couch until the pain subsides. Crazy isn't it. The couch and heating pad hugs me every night but I can stretch out better in the bed. I only had one meal today which was dinner. I was nauseated all day with pain. Well made it another day. Four more to go. Again exhausted.

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Hi does your pain make your kidneys hurt and the top of you stomach under ribs my pelvis burns!!

Good morning. Just woke up with a fortress of pillows around my body and I was so comfortable I hated to get up. I was going to the batheroom all night from the couch and all mid morning from the bed. I think I drained every type of fluid out of my bladder and kidney to answer your question. Once you finally get comfortable to sleep the sun is rising. Go figure😢😢😢 yes the lower part of my tummy has a burning sensation that comes and goes, wearing bra contributes to pain, my lower right back pain is pain coming from the right side of my lower stomache. I told my surgeon it hurts to sit sometimes. 3 more days to go after today and I'm counting down like a prisoner on death row waiting for freedom. I was on the Depo birth control injections and the surgeon said if I wasn't on that these past months the pain would have been worse. Can't imagine. Ladies I want to ask my surgeon for a sample of the endometrioma, endometriosis, fibroid, and the scar tissue from my old csection just to put in a frame I want to physically see what put me in such excruciating pain since I was a teen. Not to mention I was told my body was a house for benign cysts. How can I enjoy getting older when the time comes when I been toting this crap around since I was 16. Sorry ladies so long. Thought I was in good shape physically, guess not

Ladies let me tell you how new I'am to this. Sorry if I sound crazy but didn't know there were stages to endometriosis😢😢😢😢😢. I really didn't know until I read some of your posts. Thank God for this site. I have a good surgeon and gynecologist that I can finally talk too but nobody mentioned a stage. How can you find out? Do I have to wait until after surgery? This is so incredible to me, so freakn incredible. Im sorry my heart goes out to everybody even more now💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 I really feel like a newborn to everything I'm finding out with my body finally and with how deep this issue is for women. I'm just amazed, just so freakn amazed.

I'm trying to read everybody posts to find out more. It feels like my eyes are just opening to everything for the first time. Sorry if I sound weird. I'm just so amazed with everyone and how far this site goes back (reading previous year posts) especially from women all over the world. It makes me feel like want in the world is going on. I'm so emotional right now. I pray every woman can get out of this pain and live a beautiful life as a woman should. Women are the heart of this world and contribute so much to the world. Just to read that you all are still spreading love through this and still trying to get on with life through this is a beautiful thing to me because I know how bad your hurting to just even get out of bed to start the day. 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

Pain finally bearable to do my hair, get dressed and go outside to visit family. Don't know how long I have before the next pain wave. Got to get out this house. Surgeon took me out of work and iam truly a workaholic and sitting in the house has been rough. At least my brother isn't mad I missed his wedding. Pray for me. Don't know why now the pain is OK. Dread the next wave but staying positive. It hurts a little when walking but getting out of here so I can get out this funk. I think i can deal with a long dress with casual sneakers to run home if needed. 🌝🌝🌝🌝 I'm a heel person but these days thats a no no. just trying to make you guys smile. Have a beautiful blessed day

Well that didn't last long. About in tears. Feels like I'm having contractions. This is crazy to feel like this. Just wanted to enjoy family for a moment outside my house. I'm blowing like I'm in a labor class. That was crazy how I was OK for a few with little pain OMG. There is no need to go to the ER because I'm booked for Friday. Slumped over walking like my guts are going to fall out. My lower abdominal are and lower back hurt something awful. Like I'm pregnant in labor. Going home to couch,heating pad and pain meds. Everybody voice is making me cringe right now. I want to cry. Guess moved around too much. Three more days

Had to call my surgeon office. Not only was I hurting bad but had some blood. All I did was drive to my father in law house and mom house. No lifting or anything. I walked more than when I was home but not enough I thought to cause this. Just wanted to get out the house to see family. The nurse told me to rest and if bleeding continued to go to the hospital and call back. I came home went back to my couch to just lay down. The bleeding stopped. So I guess there is nothing more to do but count the days and stay home. I have two peekapoo dogs and wonder if I can take them out now when they need to go out while hubby at work. Its amazing how my symptoms got worse once my hysterectomy was scheduled.

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