Weird abdo feeling!

So I'm now a few days post op from a laparoscopic surgery with endo removal. Starting to get back on my feet a bit now, gentle walking round the house without being bent over!

But I've now got a weird wiggly feeling inside? Like behind my belly button? You know that feeling when you run up and down and your fat wobbles a bit, it's like that but definitely inside and I get it with every step!!

Any ideas what this could be? It doesn't hurt just really odd sensation and hoping it goes soon!

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I think that's the gas. After two weeks you'll feel almost normal (I did anyway). I remember turning on my side and it was almost as though my tummy was filled with water or something.

Yeh it's really odd. Feel as though my belly button is being pulled in too but I assume that's just things moving/going back to normal! They don't warn you about any of this!!

The belly button thing is normal too, I still can't touch mine. I'm sure it's fine but it's just the thought, I suppose as the gas leaves your body it all goes back into place :)

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