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NHS waiting times

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HI everyone, I looking for some help and advise. I recently move to Wales from England but kept my doctor in England as that's where I've had previous surgery for my endometriosis. I want to be referred again to a hospital to look at fertility and the pain it's causing me. My question is what is the wait times to get a referral and then operation in Wales compared to England? just trying to decide if I should move doctors or not.

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If you just moved to wales and u should register to a new dr if your there permanently... I also moved to staffordshire and not fully moved in yet as i still registered in the drs in london for the time being till i fully moved up there

Hi, I believe the waits are generally much longer in Wales. However it always varies place to place. You could try phoning your nearest BSGE centre to ask. They should be transparent about such things.

Remaining registered with a GP in England could get you into difficulty. The obvious problem is if you need urgent GP help. Also, if the practice realise you are not resident in their catchment area, I think they can take you off their list. You simply aren't entitled to treatment in England when you live in Wales, unless specifically funded (e.g. Rare conditions). Since devolution the two systems are separate, have different policy and funding arrangements.

Hi there, I live in Cardiff and was referred to the main hospital here in 2015 (which is also the only specialist endo centre in Wales). I have been going to GPs in another part of Wales for over 7 years regarding endo type symptoms, with no real luck. In 2015 it took about 6 months from referral to initial consultation and just under 2 years from referral to diagnostic/treatment laparoscopy. So really not great and far exceeding the waiting list guidelines, but hopefully my case is an exception and your experience will be much improved.

As others have said, you really should register with a local GP for all sorts of reasons, even down to just being able to receive any letters they may send you regarding appointments etc.

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On the plus side, you get free prescriptions in Wales!

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