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Most Painful period weeks after lap to remove endo

Hi ladies

After my first lap 6 weeks ago, I went back on the pill. I remember the lap triggered an early period a week after the lap and then I went on the pill further to advice from the Dr.

I had my first withdrawal week last week, and the period pains were truly unbearable. Before I knew I had the endo and was not on any hormonal contraception, my pains weren't even that bad by comparison. I had to take regular painkillers at every 4hr rotation (which I never needed to do before) - the pain was profound.

Did anyone else go through worse pains post-lap??

I have another follow up tomorrow luckily but your stories would help ease my mind.

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Hi. Sorry hun what your going through. It's, awful.

If it's any reassurance my first couple periods we're horrendous after lap I think it's the trauma our insides have been through that causes the pain.

It did get better for me by the third cycle I don't take meds trying to conceive. But them months I was on morphine and every other thing that could help.

I think it will calm down hun give it time you will hopefully feel better soon xx


Thank you so much for the reply, honestly you've made me feel a lot more reassured about it now.

Good luck to you with everything hun and thank you again for taking the time to reply xx


Don't thank me hun it's what this forum is for. How was your follow up? 😘


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