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Living with "painful periods"

Hi guys!

So this is my second post but I thought I'd properly introduce myself. I'm Caitlan, I'm 21 and a recent university graduate and I've been experiencing "painful periods" since I was 14/15.

I first passed out from a mixture of the pain and high blood loss when I was 15, and since then it's happened a handful of times.. of course I was just told I had "painful periods" and I was one of the very unlucky ones who suffered badly. Of course now, I'm in a situation where my gynecologist has pretty much told me that I do have endometriosis - with my symptoms and family history. I was told today that I was going to be needing a laparoscopy! Like many ladies that I've read about on here!

Anyway, I have a blog that I'll be posting on about the process and my progress. I would love anyone to have a read and tell me what they think!

I'll be writing another one within the next week or so about my gynae appointment today - once I can get my head around it myself!

Here's the link and I hope you enjoy: lovetheeverydayadventure.wo...

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I suffered very painful periods over the years, I'm quite a bit older than you. I also have passed out a number of times over the years due to extreme pain, I have just been started on AED's as they now believe I'm epileptic and they were not faints but seizures triggered by the period. I don't know what to think personally. For pain relief over the years I used ibuprofen and paracetamol, then replaced the paracetamol with cocodamol from the doctors, it doesn't kill the pain but takes the edge off. Lots of hot water bottles, usually 2 at a time on the back and stomach. Arnica gel (sbc) rubbed where it hurts helped too. In June I had the mirena coil fitted as I'm now menopausal and bleeding every day, since then I've not had a painful period but have had nausea and some pain when I'm due, the nausea has gone on for a week at a time though.

I hope you get help sooner rather than later.

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Paracetamol and ibuprofen never do anything for me either - cocodamol does work at the moment but things seems to just stop working after 1 period. Even my mefenamic acid (Ponstan) doesn't work anymore

The seizures sound absolutely horrendous!! They've never mentioned anything like that to me and I'm really sorry you had to experience that. It sounds awful

Hope everything calms down for you xx


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