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First Gynae appointment/ mirena coil fitted, anyone put on weight with it?

Hi all, I had my first appointment with the gynae today I had ultrasounds initially which were fine however the gynacologist told me that all of my symptoms point towards endometriosis. She states the options include lap which she wasn't so keen on and advised me to try the mirena coil and fitted it today I feel really unsure that I have made the right choice I have been reading some horrid stories about the mirena on here and online and i am so worried about weight gain has anyone any clue if this is common? Or if I have made the right decision to try the coil first before the lap?

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Hi I know the weight gain for a lot of us women is a problem but 'you are who you are and weight doesn't matter especially if the coil is the right thing for you'. It made me put on weight but I lost it again I did freak out at the weight gain at first but it was my husband who said those words to me along with he will always love me as its the person I am he loves not just the body . The Mirena coil nor jaydess coil worked for me just made me in more pain but everyone is different. I've got my fingers crossed for you. Hope it works for you. And if you have a partner/ husband I'm sure he won't be bothered either about weight gain he will just want what is best for you. Take care xxx


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