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2nd Laparoscopy and injections


Long story short, I had an emergency lap just under 3 weeks ago to try and remove my 12cm ovarian cyst. Due to the fact that I lost over a litre of blood and that they had to clear up raging endometriosis throughout my pelvis, they had to stop the operation before they finished. They removed a third of my cyst so it's now 8cm and so they will have to operate again in Nov/Dec. In the meantime they are giving me 3 menopause injections to try and calm things down and maybe shrink the cyst a bit.

I had a couple of questions:

1. if anyone has had a second laparoscopy soon after the first, did you recover more slowly or quickly than the first time or was it the same experience both times?

2. I am still very tired all the time (which is probably the blood loss) but I also have joint pain and some dizziness/vertigo. Is that a symptom of the injections?

any experiences or advice would be much appreciated.

Thanks x

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