Period stops at night?

Since starting progesterone only, I've noticed when I have my period it stops at 9pm and picks up again at 9am. Everything I've searched seems to say that it's because I'm lying down to go to sleep, which I totally understand, only Im not in bed at 9 and I wake up long before 9. Is this just a progesterone/endo thing or something I should be concerned about?

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  • My period tends to do the same thing. Sometimes towards the end I even stop wearing pads thinking it's done then it keeps on going in the morning/mid day..

    I don't think it is a cause for concern. But if you are really worried, speak with your doctor about it.

  • I'm not on bc but my periods are heavy during the day and very light or inexistent at night! Maybe that means I'm too high in progesterone at that time

  • I'm the complete opposite - always worse at night. Same with any pain and discomfort. Weird...

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