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Endo & Depression

Hello All,

I have no reasons in my life to be depressed. I experience deep depression after my periods where I can sink quite low. I have stage 4 endo. Symptoms of pain have improved since taking my vitamins and I sleep well. I take vitamins everyday day and these include B6 and magnisium which are supposed to help with this horrible depression. I also have had hypnotherapy which has helped a lot but my depression seems to be hormonal rather than there actually being an outside issue causing the depression. I have walked my dog today and I have been out but do not want to get out of bed now. This has been happening throughout my life and it happens a few times a month. My depression can last 2-3 days each time. I don't want to take anti-depressants.

It's scary and horrible and I can't function when in this state of mind.

Does anyone else experience this and is there anything that you can reccomend that can help?

Thank you

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This is me all over ever since a teen I too believe it's hormonal mid cycle is real bad for me I sometimes stay in for days my daughter needs to be out so goes to my mums. I take all the vits and everything but I'm also have been trying maca and ashgwandha they are supposed to balance hormones naturally and hopefully will help maca in the morning and ashwaghadha in night with my turmeric milk I hope it starts helping. Maybe we could work together to combat this it's awful. I'm sending you a virtual hug I'm so glad I'm not alone in this 🤗😘😘😘

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