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Diagnosed with endometriosis this year

February 24, 2017 I got a laproscopy to remove scarring from two pervious C-sections and a previous laproscopy. Diagnosis was two cyst, removal of scarring, and diagnosed with endometriosis..I was placed on depo in March and came off of it 3 months later in June. Was supposed to try depo lupron and I refused. I have had No period still and uterus is on fire. Anyone know what to do to calm this burning sensation. I drink lots of water and cranberry juice and I don't feel like I have a UTI but I pee a lot because my uterus is swollen.

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Sorry your going through such a hard time. Big hugs hun 🤗 I'm not sure if this will help but it might have a look at systemic enzymes I take serrapeptase I too have had c section serrapeptase eats away at scar tissue mucos and helps with inflammation Google it and maybe give it a go. Iv been taking since March iv cleared my slow tubes and kept pain at bay my pain is minimal compared to the excruciating pain I used to get. Hope this helps. Xx

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Thanks hun


Your welcome let me know how you get on xx


How you getting on? X


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