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Infected endometrioma

Hi I am currently waiting for a diagnosis as last month I had 3 nights in hospital with what they think was an infected endometrioma. It is 5cm on my left ovary. I had an intense episode of pain which resulted in an ambulance to A&E, who after taking blood tests said I had signs of inflammation and infection but he didn't know where from. He said I needed to go to the sexual health clinic as he thought it was an std, pelvic infection😯

I went to the clinic and they said straight away I didn't need to be there, did all the tests anyway which were negative and sent me home saying I should go to my GP and ask to have my ultrasound scan brought forward. (My GP had referred me as I'd been having intense pain for a few months, nothing like this though) I had a sleepless night with pain extending up my abdomen and managed to get in the gp in the morning. I explained everything and he said there was no way to bring the scan forward then he took my temp which was high and felt my tummy, I burst into tears😭 he asked me to wait in the waiting room and made a phone call. I was given an emergency referral to gynocology where I had an ultrasound and 48 hours of IV antibiotics.

I have now had a second scan and have a follow up appointment to, I presume decide on treatment next week.

I am in pain often but I would say I'm finding fatigue the hardest thing at the moment. It has been wonderful to read so many posts on here of symptoms I can relate to.

I think women are amazing to deal with this!

Sorry this is so long!

Anyone's personal experiences of similar would be much appreciated😊

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Hi Britchern, I'm sorry you are going through this. I can relate to your pain and fatigue. I have had two endometriomas removed previously, the last one in Feb this year. I was stage 4. I now have a third and i believe it ruptured a couple of weeks ago, spent the night in agony in a+e but as soon as they realised it was not appendicitis they sent me home to see my GP, luckily he sent me for a scan immediately which discovered the cyst. I have now seen my surgeon who recommended I watch and wait because I have already lost some ovary. I have also discovered I have low iron and low thyroid function and since getting treatment for this I am starting to have a bit more energy so I would recommend you get these checked if you haven't already. I'm also seeing a naturopath and taking herbs and supplements which I believe are helping with energy levels. She says they will help break up adhesions which I'm prone to but I'm a bit sceptical about that. I think I got to a point where I thought I would try anything to feel a bit better and I certainly recommend complimenting conventional medicines with natural ones and heat packs are amazing. I hope you find a way to manage your pain. Sorry for such a long message.


Hi Gembob1, thank you so much for your reply it's so reassuring to know I'm not on my own! The Dr I saw in A&E said I was 'too young' to have a gynocologial problem (I am 36) after the horrendous pain I've now had 3 times I'm kind of constantly scared of it, a bit like a ticking time bomb ready to attack me at any point, I dread my periods too.

I will ask my GP about the fatigue and I am hoping my follow up appointment on Tuesday gives me a bit more info. I don't suppose they'll be able to tell how widespread my problem is until they look inside.

Definitely up for alternative treatments, I am already taking mutivits, probiotics, spirulina and fish oils, mainly to try and boost me up after the mega antibiotics in hospital and if i do have to have surgery I want to be as healthy as possible. Yes I am getting some relief with a hot water bottle.

Thank you again for your reply.


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