GP confuse your endometriosis symptoms as Irritable Bowel Syndrome?

If you have pain in your lower back and hips (one or both sides) and pain during sexual intercourse inside your ovary/s don't let the doctor dismiss this as being IBS, demand to be referred for an ultrasound scan right away to make sure your ovary's are ok. I did not demand one and put up with misdiagnosis for 2 years, and 'just painful periods' even though I said to my stupid GP that I felt a bubbling/fire pain in my right ovary during my period, which he said was 'referred uterus menstrual nerve pain' - which I knew was not, as was sure there was something invading inside my ovary. Sure enough, when I did have an ultra sound scan 2 years later it confirmed a cyst in my ovary caused by endometriosis tissue growing inside of it. If not satisfied with your GP's diagnosis, be very persistent in asking to have a UltraSound scan. I wish I had been...

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hi i have Endometriosis and Adenomyosis also Endometriosison my bowl also irritable bowl keep pushing till you get what you want i have learnt in these short few months do ask tell them what you want,

they only found mine when they went in to burst a 6cm cyst

Hey my doctors have only started taking me seriosly as i refuse to leave there rooms till they sort me out, ive been going through this since i was 16 and im now 22!! i demanded, an ultrasound scan and they said they found a endomtrious cyst but they dismissed it!! i went mad and kept on at them, it wasnt till a few months later they sid we think you may have endomitrisosis, but again they did nothing abouot it!! So i had to take my parents with me who demanded the sort it out! i was admitted for a week, they said i need lap asap!! 2 months later still nothgin!! i went back to my gynea with my parents who found out that nothing was written on my notes, and i was not added to the surgery list!! my parents were fuming, and ive now been added to the urgent list! you really hve to stand your ground, or they do fob you off!!!

And yes my GP has told me many times is IBS! Which annoys me even more! xx

ibs.....ive had that suggested to me too or that in fact i could be imagining the pain ....i have 4 children- i think i have better things to do than imagine being in pain! stoopid idiot doctors . ladyA i have read some of your comments and am disgusted at the way u have been made to wait n suffer, i sincerely hope that u get sorted out ASAP . ive had 2 laps since feb both times they found endo and the one i had 3 wks ago they found my bowel and bladder were stuck together too so imagining the pain n bleeding i was not n it definately wasnt ibs ! take care xxxx

I finally have my way!!! Im having my lap on the 6th of jan, me and my dad rang the hospital every day just to make sure they didnt forget me again!! So n ow things are really looking up! But ive been in so much pain, and had to go to the doc and turns out cos of everything now my anus has ripped, and it hurts so bad!!!! But so happy to finally have a date for the lap!! xxx

good for you hun for keeping on at them altho u shouldnt have had to do that .lets hope they sort . good luck xxx

Yay! Was waiting for 4 and a half months for mine even though had 3 A&E visits after they put me on the waiting list! Good luck LadyA ... you should ask for an MRI scan too, have you had one? I had one 4 months before my lap so they could see what they were dealing with. xx

hi everyone, i have the same problem i was diagnosed with ibs when i was 17 i am now 29 i do think that i generally did have it. iv just had my 4th child early jan this year when i endded up in hospital back in june with chronic pain in my groin and lower back i was doubled over with pain that i was crying with it ,i could not pick my son up to feed him or comfort him, walk upstairs or move really so i ended up at a&e where they thought i had apendercitis (sorry cant spell it ) they could not get a iv in as over my pregnancy i had a very bad time where i was in and out for 13 weeks they thought it was my pregnacy all the pain i had bad time with it all. well anyways my vains are bad they finally got one in after so many attempts i was then admitted to the ward where i was in for 2 days they gave me a mri i was fuming as they did not read my note to say im alergic to penacillin the dye they give you has that in it was not untill i asked what was in the dye till they realised i alergic to it with me telling them so they had to make a different dye up for me . they found a few cysts they kept me in for a few days told mee to go to the doctors so went docs they referred me to gyne who told me with in 2 mins of been in the room i had endo i was at first unsure weather i had it or not as i know the only way to be sure is a laparocopy. been back a few time they fitted me with a marina coil bleed for 3 months none stop pain was really pad as you can imagine as the endo loves you menstrating as that is how it grows they gave me some norethistrone that did not stop the bleeding so i took it out as they were not prepared to do untill 6 month was up i cant do the pill as it also makes me bleed more than usual.iv has ultra scans one found 1 cyst on left and 3 on right they told me there was nothing there but told me i needed a internal and they would write to my gp so few months down line i get a phone call can you come for a scan they did not tell me what kind of scan so i prosumed i had to drink water as you do i got there and they told me there was no one to do my scan as they had booked me in for the wrong scan so had to go back i was lucky as the cysts went. the codine does not work and tramadol makes me really ill do need to get them changed really well im back at my gyne on 19th of dec im taking my fella as he is more vocal than me and will get to the point .i want them to do a laparocopy i have had one before back in 2006 where they found endo but was not active . im so sorry to hear about all your storys and am praying for you all .xx

hi everone i to bin ill four a long time ,and took years to find out wot wos wrong ,wos aways busey work gym ,lucky i had my 2 girls before i got vevy ill ,docs dint take any notice and put it dwn to ibs ,aways had bad pieords but the pain started not just on my tim of mht but all the time ,had to give up work that i loved looking after people with learning diffs,witch i did four 16 years ,in and out of a,and e,had xzay and scans to find noting ,i thout i wos losing my mind .the pain wos like giveing birth to my 11 pound girl,i new this wosnt normall some people in my husbands famiely thout i wos facking it ,then i pushed to have a lap ,sadley buy that time i had stage 4 endoo i wos in a bad mess.had injecions prova i think for 14 mhs then total hesto, and i wosnt over after that had pain trying to pass water ,went in to coilt clinic with deppersion ,they stil dint check me out proply ,payed private to see anther doc and found out that i had crubled so bad it could never be fixed ,did have prow lapse op ,still cant pick up any more that half kettle of water ,trying to learn to live life again witout job ,and maraige is over is so tuff at mow ,hoping for some good luck soon take care all endo is an awfull thing and not everyone understands the pain u have to live with ,38 and feel worm out take care allxx

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