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Endometriosis treatment

Hi everyone !

I need some advice on endo treatment, I went for my 6 week follow up after having a Laparoscopy and diathermy treatment for endometriosis.

It's at stage 1 in 4 different places . So not to bad but when I asked about fertility she said that they didn't check my tubes so they wouldn't know until I was actively trying to conceive. The treatment options are the pill, the mirena coil, and tricking my body into menopause. I'm only 25 so even the thought the last one is freaking me out. I have borderline personality disorder so I struggle with handling emotion, and I my hormones are bad as they are and I'm worried about adding more !

Please if anyone has any advice It would be very appreciated 😏

Vicky x

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What grade / severity Endo are you? And we're you treated in general gynae a or BSGE centre?

I it's mild then one approach could be to go in increasing strength. That would be start with the pill, move onto the coil if unsuccessful then save the chemical menopause as last resorts.

If it's more severe or symptoms more troublesome you could consider going straight for the coil, which has the benefit of stronger local application.

No hormone treatment works for everyone and all have varying side effects so you will find promoters and detractors for all of them based on their individual experiences.

We're all unique so the only way to find out what works best is to trial it and see. Most hormone treatments need a good 3 month run to see if they are effective.


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