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Hello everyone!

Good news of today is I finally got a lap date (after trying to seek help for a decade). Now what me and my family are wondering is how much help I will need and for how long after? I've been told I will definily need complex surgery to remove a section of wall and they suspect stage all four stages (they said I should prepare myself for "sets" of operations) Any how, as my parter will be in full swing of an Opera as well as final year of course deadlines etc. our various members of our families are wanting to take turns being around to help out and keep me company. Only thing is, they'd need to plan ahead, how long will I need them? My consultant said it would probably a longer recovery time than normal maybe (3-6 months) but I've not the best grasp if what normal is and I'm not sure what how long each stage of recovery is or even what level of recovery that 3-6 months is referring to :-/

Also, how long after have you experienced impared movement? There's a conducting course I'd really like to do just under 5-6 weeks after my would require traveling, and free uninhibited movement, think similar to dancing but without the danger of collisions!

Thank you so much in advance to anyone kind enough to spend the time are all stars!!

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  • Just has my first lap 3 days ago and only now starting to be able to do things. Have someone round for 1 week to help u out and after that make sure U have frozen meals etc ready so u don't hve to do much is my tip

  • Thanks for your reply :) I hope you don't mind my asking what stages did they try and tackle? As my freezer is about the size of a letterbox, I doubt that's going to work but easy food, yes!

  • I had a lap in October with some endometriosis lasered off so not as extensive as the surgery you'll be having, and I Had a week off work but needed longer. It takes at least a week to get over the general anaesthetic! Give your self at least a few weeks of doing nothing and don't rush yourself. It's amazing how much you use your abdominal muscles! Good luck with everything and listen to your body! X

  • Thank you and good luck with your recovery! It is amazing how much you need them. Luckily (or unluckily) I've had experience with surgery on my abdomen before (to remove quite deep scar tissue after an accident) so I've had the "damn, you really need a working abs" moment....ended up splitting my stiches open whilst touring china. I don't regret it but am not going to make that mistake again :-/

  • I had surgery to remove left overy 10 days ago, only just been able to do the majority of things for myself without much discomfort. Still have to have the occasional painkiller but it tends to be in the evening. The bleeding was the thing that got to me most as it was heavier than usual and I found the more I did the more I bled so make sure you have plenty of supplies and comfy clothing to change into. Try and go by the recovery that the hospital says as in no strenuous activities etc although it is hard if you're not someone who can sit around, I've lost count of the amounts of times my partner has told me off lol. Good luck with your surgery hope all goes well

  • Thank you for all the advice and I really hope your recovery contines on it's steady trajectory upwards. I will go and buy a couple more pairs of baggy trousers in the the sales and try and resist any grueling workouts ;)

  • Hi,

    I had a laparotomy to remove a large ovarian cyst 11 weeks ago and, although I'm not yet back at work, I do have full movement back but I would say it took a full 8 weeks before I felt like this. Even then, doing anything remotely aerobic would tire me out very quickly.

    Everyone is different but for the first week after leaving hospital I struggled with everything. I couldn't stand up straight (easily) for about 3 weeks. My husband, Mam, Dad and Sister helped with household chores such as cooking, cleaning, making the bed and washing etc for a good 2-3 weeks.

    Like I say, everyone is different. My operation was a laparotomy where I was cut open and I now have a very neat 8" scar on my bikini line. I know other people who have had the same surgery who felt completely back to normal after 6 weeks.

    Good luck with your surgery! Oh, and take loose trousers to the hospital. I stupidly wore rather tight jeggings a and ended up having to come home in my pyjama bottoms :/

  • Sounds like you drew a short straw there....I hope you don't have to endure that again. Thank you again for messaging. They aren't sure yet if I'll need a long incision like yours (hopefully not) but if that's what I wake up with I will be all the greatful for your input. Good luck with it too!

  • Hi,

    I also have stage 4 endometriosis, the surgery I had in December 2012 had is similar to what you will be having. Similar to other posts, I found that 2 - 3 weeks of feeling rubbish and needing lots of support, then it took me about 3 months until I felt totally well again and back to a normal routine.

    You cannot predict how you will feel after the operation, if you really want to do the course then book it and make sure you rest and do as you are advised after the operation and hopefully you will be fit enough to go on the course :)

  • That does sound very similar, thanks for your supportive input :) It's really helpful.

    It's a tough call with the conducting. I'd lose quite a bit of money if I booked then canceled, plus will need to practice the rep before going. I think I will show your post to a friend with experience of the course before making a final call.

    Good luck to you, I hope you're feeling well!

  • I am also going to have fairly extensive excision, and was also told I might need a few ops to treat, so thanks for asking this. I am not sure how much time I need to ask for off after. The consultant told me i would be in hospital for a good three days and then would probably need a full month off work (I might go insane in that time though!).

  • might go mad, as for me, I think I'm a lost cause on that front! Perhaps periods of madness are the path to delightfully quirky? If so, there's hope for us sick women yet.

    When if your op? Good luck with it :)

  • Its the end of march... Haha in terms of madness, like you lost that battle a while ago!

  • Hi , I had surgery to remove extensive stage 4 endo, with bowel involvement 3 weeks ago. I had 2 large cyst removed from my ovaries, a large nodule from my bowel and loads of other work ( almost 6 hour op). It was done by laparoscopy (4 incisions) . In my case the first 7-10 days I needed loads of help, luckily my parents are retired and came to stay with me for that time, I am not sure how I would have done without them. The second week i started to be able to do things like a bit of cooking and this week I have started working (but from home). I was given 4 weeks off work from the doctor and If I had to go into the office I would have had to take at least the full ammount. I am feeling quite well if I don't make any effort, but if I do anything like a short 10 minutes walk I can feel it afterwards, but I have to say that in general I have found the recovery better than i was expecting (at least so far!).

  • Thank you, that'd really helpful! It sounds simpler (sans cysts) so your sharing is grand and detail much appreciated :) I really hope your recovery keeps on coming!

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