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Bloating, indigestion, uncomfortable

Hey ladies

So I've had 2 periods now since coming off zoladex. Finished last one 4 days ago, but since I have had the worse indigestion and bloating. I'm too scared to eat because of how poorly I feel afterwards. I'm bloated to the point it hurts. I've tried indigestion tablets, glass of milk all of it.

When I had my surgery last year, my right ovary and tube was stuck to my bowel from endometriosis. I've had problems with my bowel for years now. Is this all linked to endometriosis? Does anyone else have these symptoms? I feel so ill from it.

Thank you xxxx

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I have bloating. I find wheat/ gluten and dairy particularly inflammatory and have virtually eliminated them from my diet which has helped. I'm trying to easy as much unprocessed organic food as possible too to avoid toxin residues e-numbers refined sugar and the like.

Some people find soy an irritant too, particularly in processed foods, although the most recent research does actually say it is meant to be mildly beneficial for Endo hormonally. I get on fine with soy milk and tofu but find processed meat substitutes seem to puff me up


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