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10 days post op - is my wound ok?

10 days post op - is my wound ok?

Hi everyone, I've attached a picture of my lap wound as I'm not sure if it's okay or not! It's not really painful, and I was told that surgical glue has been used but there is a weird "scab" like thing hanging off? It's not really a scab, it's very odd but just wondering if anyone else has had this? My partner says it looks like a stitch and, as you may know, I wasn't told very much info when I woke up so could have been stitched up! Just looking for some advice as it's been like that for about a week and I'm not sure if it's normal/healthy or something to worry about.

Thank you!

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So for my incisions, I was stitched internally with dissolving sutures and then had surgical glue put over the top. If this was how yours was done, then your body may be working the stitches out as it heals.

It doesn't look infected to me as mine have about the same redness and I was told mine were fine. If you're really concerned, try getting in contact with your doctor. x


Looks looks normal to me. The redness is just trauma post op and if it's not hot swollen or wet your fine. That is definitely a stitch, I wouldn't worry it can take a few weeks to come off it will dissolve internally and the stitch will fall off. When they glued mine I had a "crust" so I'd say it's stitched and maybe a smig of glue on the closing up! Give it time x


Your looks same as mine, it a stitch. With glue aswell. It took about 2 weeks for mine to stop hurting and even now 4 weeks from lap there still there!

Dr told me they should go about 7-8 weeks. So dont worry.

On about week two have a nice bath with some epsom salts it helps healing...

Just know( wished someone had told me) that ur still b very bruised internally for a good couple months.

I tried to go back to work after two weeks and done meself a injury and made myself worse..

Just take it slow just know because ur scars are gone ur internally healing to..

I still feel bruised and sore


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