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Risks of Endo Recurring?

Hi Ladies. With my excision surgery op recovery going slowly and steadily, my mind is starting to think about likelihiod of future recurrence. Do any of you have an info sources on this?

My surgeon was definitive in saying that he "got it all". I've had no ovary or uterus removal and at the moment not on prglogesterone prophylaxis. I'm 42 so still 13ish years off natural menopause. Statistically what are the odds of Endo returning at somepoint? If recurrence is likely how long am I likely to be Endo free for? Do any treatments reduce the risk? Is there any research on this?

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I think at the moment with excision surgery being relatively new, they're not sure, and that's what the bsge follow up questionnaires are for because they're data gathering to see how much this surgery helps and for how long. I was told before my surgery that around 5/10 women will need further surgery within 5 years with ovaries and around 1/10 if ovaries are removed. Not all of these surgeries are for recurrent endo, some are to deal with adhesions that have formed after the surgery.

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Thanks joreilly

Someone shared this with me on FB which was interesting.



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