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In agony. Need advice

hi all fellow sufferers. I'm in agony had a lap month ago. Removed some endo. But the pain is unbearable. Phoned hospital as can't wait for follow up in December. I'm signed off work for 2 week but i work in care and drive.but I'm in too much pain to do anything.tramadol not touching it.so going to try orimorph. Which makes me sleepy! I'm a single parent. I'm so worried as i have bills to pay.getting ssp but on zero contract hours. Does anyone know if my doc can suggest i leave my job? Would i be able to claim any benefits? Going to need a hysterectomy at some point so will return to working after. Feel terrible asking for help re benefits but iv worked since i was 16 but still feel there's a stigma attached. Any advice would be really appreciated

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Ive seen on FB that some women have had success with PIP payments I believe.


ok thankyou.will investigate

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