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Endometriosis Treatments vs Pregnancy

I recently got Diagnosed with Mild endometriosis. I am having a hard time cope with the diagnosis eventhough I have dealt with the symptoms for a long time. My doctor wants me to try a treatment with medication called Lupron. I have searched and read many articles and have seen many negative reviews about this medication. I do have a family history of endometriosis and it has caused some family members to go infertile. I am thinking of the possibility of trying to get pregnant but I am just overall stressed and confused of what I should do and whats best for me.

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If it was me I wouldn't want to go on Lupron either (a) because of the side effects and (b) because it will only mask symptoms not treat the disease. Although there is no cure for endometriosis the gold standard of treatment is excision surgery where a specialist cuts the disease out. I've learned that fertility outcomes tend to be better for women after they have had this type of surgery as well.

If you haven't already had this surgery then you may want to consider it. And then if you do want children and you are in a position to start trying then I would say go for it. Speaking from experience I would say it isn't a good idea to put it off.

All the best x

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Thank you for your reply (:! Yes I just had the surgery x3 weeks ago and after doing research lupron is not going to work for me . I think its best to start trying as well !

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