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Hi, My name is Amy/Emily, I'm new here, I have not long been diagnosed with endometriosis and I have to say it's a living hell from time to time. I am on medication which is meant to not only stop the pain but help my periods become more easier to cope with, but sadly nothing helps. I have a loving partner who looks after me and helps me cope with my endo. I have been refused treatment because I am too young and I have seen a specialist but after one appointment they said there was nothing they could do.

I have had this condition since I was 13 but only recently have I managed to get answers and finally got told by my doctors after countless appointments that I have endometriosis, not what every 20 year old wants to hear on their birthday, my parents are the best they support me in every way possible, and my partner is amazing he comes with me to majority of my appointments and helps me get through my day with my endo and I love him soo much.

Thank you for welcoming me onto this page! xxxx

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Firstly WELCOME!

This forum helps so many of us as you get to communicate with people that understand what you are going through and it great having a supporting family but sometimes talking to people that get your symtons helps!

Sorry you are going through all of this especially so young but at least you have been diagnosed which is step 1.

Jopefully they are giving you the medical support that you need ie mirena or zoladex whatever works for you.

My advice to you (wish someone told me when i was 20) is trust your body and dont give up keep pushing for help. Yes there is no cure but it can be managed and you deserve a quality of life not bent double in pain!!

Wish you all the best and keep people around you that support and love you xx

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Thank you!! Hope all is well xx

Welcome!! I’m also 20 so know how hard it is to live with this horrible disease. If you want to speak about anything you can always give me a message ☺️ No matter how old you are you can have treatment I was diagnosed at 19 and had a laparoscopy and recently just had the mirena coil inserted so I would definitely ask your gynae for some sort of treatment x

Thank you so much I appreciate it thank you hope your okay :)

Hello 👋

It’s great to hear you have such a great support network around you.

It’s positive that you have a diagnosis as I guess that helps with knowing your options, do some research and push for the treatments you’re willing to give a go. Keep a diary of symptoms side effects and treatments and just don’t give up if things persist.

Im 33, undiagnosed and wish I’d kept track of cycles and symptoms, which pills helped or hindered what etc.

I really hope your journey is easier from here on in.

Wishing you the best xx

Thank you :) Hope all is well:)

Hi Amy,

Welcome to the club - your post reminded me of my journey. So sorry your going through this & I do hope you feel better.

thank you :) you too!

Hullo amy, its sad to hear that at such a young age you hav been diagonised with endometriosis, sory for all the pain you jav bn going through, how ever at ur age i strongly believe that u hav high chances of fighting its further growth en mananging the pain as it hasnt spread further, try as much as you can to eat green vegs en turmeric, en avoid caffeine as much as u can. If possible dont take long to hav kids as it gets harder with age en endo. Exercise alot en most if ur diet shd be greens. Above all that always pray about it. God only can heal this dreadful disease. Bless you my dear.

I love you too babe's and I promise you no matter what my love I'm here for you, YOU CAN DO THIS babe's we all love and support you and I'll come with you to every appointment and always look after you beautiful, your strong my love and I know these people alongside your family, me and these people you will get the help you need babe's never forget gorgsous I love you and Im never gonna leave babe's I'm with you til the end of time :) I love you baby and I'm so proud to be your partner xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx❤❤❤❤

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